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Historical and Touristic Places of Ardahan Province

Ardahan is rich in historical artifacts and natural beauty. Most of the historical works are ruined or destroyed. The work that preserves the original form is very few.

Ardahan Castle: The center was built on the shores of the Kura River in the district. The castle, which was rebuilt in 1556, is now in its present state. Its structure resembles Anatolian and Rumeli fortresses. The length of the walls is 745 m and there are 14 towers.

Şeytan Kalesi: It is in the north-east of Yıldırımtepe village in the district of Çıldır. There are various building demolitions within the castle. The north of the castle is a steep rocky, and the south is a deep creek.

Occupying places: Ardahan province, rich in springs and lakes. The weather is clean. Çildir Lake has the possibility of camping and fishing. Göle and Posof forests are nice places to visit.

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